Three Worlds. Luna

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Material: oil, gilding on canvas
Dimensions: Triptych. Central canvas 100x120 and two 120x40 cm
Creation: Prague, June 2024
Shipped: rolled in a tube
Delivery: included

Please, send me a message if you'd like to receive this artwork stretched or if you would like to see more detailed photos.
(!) The artwork will be available for delivery in the mid of July

In a distant corner of the universe, there were three worlds, each unique and beautiful in its own way. These worlds were connected by a magical bridge that was known only to a select few.

The first world, called the Flower Kingdom, was home to a wide variety of blossoms and herbs. Every day, millions of buds bloomed there, filling the air with fragrance and pleasing the eyes with their bright colors. The flowers there could talk and sing, their songs having a healing effect on all living things.

The second world was called the Land of Butterflies. Here lived butterflies of all imaginable and inconceivable colors and sizes. They were the embodiment of lightness and beauty, their wings glistened in the sun and shimmered with all colors of the rainbow. Butterflies in this world possessed magic, capable of bringing joy and light to the hearts of those who saw them.

The third world was inhabited by humans, and it was called the Dreaming Kingdom and that is where a young girl named Luna lived. She was an unusual girl with the gift of seeing and feeling magic that others could not notice. Since childhood Luna had heard stories of magical worlds and dreamed of visiting them someday.

And that one day Luna was walking through the woods near her home and found a strange ancient bridge that seemed to lead to nowhere. As she came closer, she felt the bridge glow with a soft light, inviting her to walk across it. Luna, burning with curiosity, stepped onto the bridge and found herself in the Flower Kingdom. Here she was greeted by talking flowers who entrusted her with the secrets of their world and gave her a magic flower that could grant her one wish.

Following the flowers' tale, Luna crossed a bridge leading to the Land of Butterflies. In this world she was surrounded by butterflies, they circled around her, creating a rainbow swirl. The First Butterfly, golden and large like the palm of Luna's hand, perched on her shoulder and whispered in her ear the rhymes to the magic of joy and light. The butterflies gave Luna a magic pollen that could heal any wounds and sorrows.

When Luna returned home to her Dreaming Kingdom, she realized that her gift was even more extraordinary than she had imagined. She used the magical flower and pollen to help people in her world, giving them joy, healing, and hope. Luna became the keeper of the link between the three worlds, bringing light and magic from the Flower Kingdom and Butterfly Land to her Dreaming Kingdom.

And since then, Luna, flowers and butterflies have become a symbol of magic, kindness and beauty, uniting the three worlds into one full of wonder and hope.

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