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(!) This is a new artwork completed in last decade of March. It will be available for safe delivery by the end of April.

Material: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 150x120 cm (59" x 47")
Creation: Prague, March 2023
Shipped: rolled in a tube, might be stretched and framed in your city
Delivery: included

Please, send me a message if you'd like to receive this artwork stretched, framed or if you would like to see more detailed photos.

Back in the days when magic permeated every petal there lived a nature's motif in its invisible symphony - a girl named Meliana.

Her hair danced in the wind like ribbons of bright flowers, and her eyes blended shades of grey and green like the reflection of a sunset sky in a forest lake. Rumrors are, this unusual mixture of colours contained the secret of her soul.

One day, as the ancient shadows froze in the dark forest, Meliana heard the sad cry of the trees. She followed the sound and found a dying tree, its wilted leaves replaced by grey ash.

Compassion filled the girl's heart and she began to sing a quiet melody full of tenderness and love. Her voice was like a caress to nature, and in response to this music, the grey and green hues of her eyes began to glow brightly.

At the will of magic, the tree came to life, blossoming into a beautiful sea of green, and its leaves took on vibrant colours. Meliana became the guardian of the forest, and her eyes, grey and green, became a symbol of the eternal bond between man and nature.

Since then, it has been said that wherever a girl in bright colours with grey and green eyes appears, nature comes alive, reminding everyone of the power of love.


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