Wink at the sky

450 €
The girl, with a slight smile on her face, looks up, as if playfully winking at the sky. Her eyes are fixed on an endless space, where puffy clouds float past each other, creating unique shapes and fantastic plots.

She seems oblivious to those around her, immersed in her own thoughts and fantasies. But at the same time, her facial expressions express a certain playfulness and joy, as if she is playing with her imagination and at the same time enjoying the beauty around her.

Every time she winks at the sky, it seems that she sends her dreams and desires there, hoping that they will come true. Her face reflects calmness and tranquility as if she interacts with nature itself and receives unforgettable emotions and impressions from it.

Material: oil, canvas mounted on cardboard
Dimensions: 35x35 cm (14"x14") mounted into 43x43 cm passepartout
Creation: Prague, April 2023
Shipped: in a box
Delivery: included

Please, send me a message if you'd like to receive this artwork framed or if you would like to see more detailed photos.
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