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Material: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 70x70 cm (27"x27")
Creation: Prague, January 2024
Shipped: ready to hang
Delivery: included

Please, send me a message if you'd like to receive this artwork framed or if you would like to see more detailed photos.

In the distant realm of Eldrivia, an ancient legend thrived about a girl named Baisti, whose hair shimmered with a golden-pink and yellow hue, like the rays of sunset. It is said that she was the daughter of spring and sun, possessing extraordinary beauty capable of awakening joy and warmth in the hearts of people.

Once, when a drought befell Eldrivia, and the land withered, Baisti ascended to the skies, and a long-awaited rain poured over the earth. Since then, every time a rainbow appears in the sky, people recall the legend of the girl who saved them, and her magical hair, scattered by the wind, transformed into golden and yellow flowers.

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